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The Cumberland Fire District has just been notified that it's ISO (Insurance Services Office) rating has been lowered to 5/5b. Over the last several audits the district has maintained a 6/10 rating, so the new rating is a significant improvement. ISO rating factors are, Alarm & dispatch 10%, Water supply 40%, and Fire Department personnel, training and equipment 50%.

Cumberland Municipal Utilities played a big part in helping to lower our rating by being progressive in making improvements in our water system. A larger water tower and larger water mains were needed to give us the water flows needed to properly extinguish fires and the utility stepped up to the plate and made these improvements.

The other major factor in the improved rating is the way our volunteer firefighters are trained and equipped. Their dedication to the protection of lives and property drives them to be as highly trained as they can be, and this is only possible because they sacrifice many hours of their time. Also, the equipment we have been able to obtain because of the generosity of the citizens of our district through donations and supporting our fund raisers played a critical part in our new rating.

So, this has been a team effort that will result in possible lower insurance rates for many of our citizens and businesses.