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Spring! It's almost here, finally!
With springtime quickly approaching, thoughts of getting outside and getting our yards in shape become one of our priorities. Burning debris as a part of clean-up has been a spring ritual for many of us, for many years. Unfortunately there are inherent risks that come along with that ritual that could lead to devastating results, if our burn gets away from us. Here are a few tips to make your spring clean-up safer and help prevent you from having to invite us to help put out a fire that got away from you.
 -Burn in an area away from brush, buildings, tall grass, fuel tanks, automobiles, your neighbors’ property, and the like.
-Pick a time when the wind is calm, usually evening hours is best.
-Have a charged garden hose handy and wet down the surrounding area.
-if it's going to be a larger fire, call the Barron County Dispatch Center 715-537-3106 and inform them of what you are doing and your address. This prevents us from being invited when you don't want us, if a passerby calls in the fire.
-keep a watchful eye on the children in the area, kids are naturally attracted to fire and love to play in and around them.
-Remember, grass and brush are very dry in the spring and burn readily, so watch for glowing brands flying from the fire as they can travel quite a distance and start another fire.
-Debris burning within the city limits is not allowed, but the city brush dump is available for all residents to bring their yard refuse to.
Beside debris burning, here are some more ways springtime fires can get started:
 · Careless tossing of smoking materials
· Sparks flying from bar-b-que grills
· Electric fences
· Hot vehicle exhaust and exhaust pipes
· Sparks from mowers and other equipment
Let's all have a safe and successful spring clean-up season!