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 Confined Space Rescue Technicians Training Completed

Eleven Cumberland firefighters have completed the training necessary to qualify to be Confined Space Rescue Technicians. Two years ago the department underwent the operations level of Confined space rescue and after learning how many more spaces in our district are being defined as "confined spaces", it was determined that more in depth training would be necessary to be properly prepared to effect a rescue should the need arise. During an actual emergency all three levels (awareness, operations and technician) of competency are needed to control the scene and make the rescue. It is amazing how many people are needed at an emergency such as this. The completion of the course is not the end of the training. To remain competent there has to be several hours of refresher training done each year, so we have just added more to our already full plate. Firefighting, Haz-Mat and extrication, are also skills that need refresher training each year. Thankfully, the professionals in our department are dedicated to getting the job done and doing it right.

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